Moon Bunnies

Senior Thesis


My thesis is the Chinese- American identity is complex where one tends to not feel like they fit in with either culture, a feeling of limbo. Your personality and actions make up who you are and when someone can see the real you, not defined by society, they are your circle of belonging because who you are isn’t being predetermined.

Moon Bunnies is inspired by both real and fictional narratives of Chinese-American children and young adults. It takes place during the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival and also a birthday celebration.Through my research, finding out more about a culture I felt so distant to, and connecting with other Chinese- Americans, it has helped me come to terms with my own feelings of limbo. I’ve found peace and acceptance that it is an ongoing project. I’m beyond excited to continue to welcome the unfamiliar, learn, and appreciate the bright light that comes from each event of exploring my Chinese culture. 

I dedicate this project to my loving late dad and remarkable little sister, Aamarys. My family is a huge inspiration for my work. They are my inner circle and helped me find my belonging, and I hope that for you. 

Love, Nell

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